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Delta-P Monitoring Technology Ltd (Delta-P) are independent specialists in the field of Cleanroom Validation, HVAC Commissioning, HVAC/Refrigeration Maintenance and Environmental Monitoring.



Delta-P is very fortunate to have excellent employees with many years experience. Our employees have developed their experience in a significant diversity and range of project types and sizes and this is reflected in the overall capability of our company.


It is through the combination of experience available within the company and training of all employees that we are so well placed to support our clients.


Our customer service is based on three principals: Quality, Cost and Delivery.  


All employees are involved in this process of delivering superior customer service.  Delta-P is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations by listening to their needs and providing real solutions based on the highest international standards of quality and excellence.


The on-going planned Cleanroom requalification and maintenance scheduling ensures the quality and conditions of the production environment and gives optimal performance and cost-effectiveness over the entire life of the equipment or system.


We provide this high standard of quality through constant training of our employees, the upgrading of our equipment and good documentation and we use the best available technologies to ensure the quality of our work.




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